Immersive Project Submission

Gain Access to a Pool of Graduate Students to Support Your Projects and Ideas related to Immersive Technologies

NSERC Create in Immersive Technologies (CITech) is an awarded, highly multidisciplinary graduate training program at the University of British Columbia focusing on skills development and collaborative research to design immersive solutions for various applications, including manufacturing, healthcare, community engagement and education.

As part of its commitment to support enterprises and organizations with access to skilled workers and to create real-world training opportunities for the students, CITech is inviting industry, not-for-profit organizations, municipalities, and hospitals in Canada and beyond to submit their project proposal to CITech. The project scope must relate to virtual reality, augmented reality and other immersive technologies, and it can encompass new technological development or the application of existing technologies in different sectors of interest.

Each selected project will be matched to a group of UBC trainees in the program (master’s and PhD students) who have relevant background and skills. The students will then work closely with the partners to conceptualize the proposed project as part of their User-Centered Immersive Design course.

No financial contribution from the project sponsor is required. As part of their time commitment for mentorship, partner associates are expected to meet with the student group 2-3 times during the semester.

We are currently accepting projects for the fall 2023 course running from Sep 2023 to Dec 2023. Project and contact information can be submitted using the form in the link below. it is highly encouraged that partners submit their projects by August 25, 2023.




Note: During the course timeline (about 4 months), the trainees will only focus on conceptualizing, conducting literature review, and developing a workplan for the project submitted by the partner. While execution of the developed project is beyond the scope of the course, the proposal and workplan prepared by students will facilitate future collaboration between university and the external partner towards project execution through for example Mitacs funding.

We look forward to receiving your submissions. Please direct any questions or inquiries to Mahdi Takaffoli, Program Coordinator at